Our top moving tips!

Our top moving tips!

You’ve found your dream home, exchanged contracts and sorted your mortgage. All that’s left to do is move in. That’s the easy part, isn’t it? We’ve put together some top tips to make your moving day run as smooth as possible!

  1. Be precise when packing


Don’t second guess it- label it! The more precise the better.  Colour code it, marker pen it or make a military system however you choose to do it just do it, you’ll thank us later.


  1. Time


Give yourself enough time! Packing the day before isn’t going to work yet packing weeks in advance just isn’t practical. Any unused rooms start packing in the weeks prior to moving day; will you really need the DVD player in the next 2 weeks? Probably not- so pack it up. In the worst case scenario, you need to watch the Friend’s boxset to reduce the stress if your packing is labelled well digging it out shouldn’t be a problem!


  1. Start small


Tackle the little things first, as surprisingly they tend to be the hardest to pack.  There is no point moving your bed if you have to climb over a million different things to get it out the door. Go through your cupboards and start packing all the little things that are needed but necessities.


  1. Be ruthless


This is the perfect time to go through your old things and decide what is and isn’t worth keeping. Before you start boxing everything up, go through your old clothes, electronics and furniture. Decide what’s worth keeping and what can be dropped off at the local charity shop. It’ll save you a lot of time, effort and backache if you cut down on the number of things you need to move to your new home.


  1. Hire in the professionals


If you have room in your budget hire a professional moving company, the last thing you need on moving day is a bad back from trying to move your double bed. Call in the professionals to help get the big things out and leave you to deal with things on a smaller scale. This will minimise stress and chance of injury!


  1. Keep the essentials to hand


It’s easy to get carried away in the packing flow but be sure to keep out the essentials, a phone charger, wallet, important documents, batteries, cleaning supplies, teabags, mugs, milk and kettle just to name a few!


There is an endless amount of preparation you can do to reduce stress on moving day however you choose to tackle it make sure you take a break, relax and dream of how good your new home will look when it’s done! Download our Moving Checklist here!