Simple tips to make our homes more eco-friendly!

Simple tips to make our homes more eco-friendly!

Have you seen David Attenborough’s ‘Our Planet’ on Netflix? If you’ve seen it, you might have an urge to change but are unsure where to start?

We’ve found some simple tips that we can all follow to make our homes more eco-friendly!

  • – Cut out the Kitchen roll – When the next kitchen spill occurs don’t reach for the roll, use a cloth to attend to the mess and reduce the amount of waste kitchen rolls generates.
  • – Spring is here so drop the dryer – Save the planet and some electricity costs at the same time by hanging your clothes outside to dry. Help the environment and save some pennies!
  • – Make your home smart with a smart thermostat – Smart thermostats can turn the temperature down when you are not home and allow you to turn them back up just before you arrive home. Saving you money and reducing wasted energy.
  • – Go natural – Next time you’re cleaning and reach for your extra strong detergent think about where that ends up, everything we dispose of effects the environment. Eco or natural cleaning products can reduce the impact on the environment and they’re just as effective!
  • – Invest in a house plant- This is the simplest way to change some of that Co2 to O2 and it gives you a nice new room feature!

These are just some small changes we can make to make a big impact on the future of our incredible planet!

We are committed to becoming a ‘zero waste’ office by the end of 2019 and have plans in place to install solar panels to further reduce our carbon footprint and we’re passionate about investing in a greener future!